Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Enjoy a cup of Joe with me and let’s talk Dandelions and Love

Feeling in love with the idea I shared with my fellow poets I went to my local art studio and purchased the most beautiful ceramic pot I fancied.
 Leaving home and going into the woods I found the little yellow Dandelion of my essay and carefully removed her from the ground and potted the beauty  in that lovely ceramic container I got for her.
I created a shrine for her close to the window at my study and gave my young daughter and the cat a warning that if they ever hurt my little flower through their negligent play then they would be severely dealt with, better I locked my study that was once a free place for them to play.
I gave it food supplements and I fertilized the earth in which she was rooted and ensured that she received enough water. How much pleasure and comfort I received from her presence in the study.
The next morning she stooped over the pot and her petals was wilted and brownish in colour. Dumbfounded I said to my wife” She is dying”
My wife looking at me with some empathy and said” you have taken her out of here habitat and she is not adapting well in this artificial place you have created, place her back”
Angry and despondent I said to her” I need her and I have given her more than nature ever could provide her”            
My wife said without blinking “She does not need you and if you do care you will plant her back in the woods and enjoy the sight of her in the natural state you found her.”
Feeling hurt I settled her back at her old place of residence and promised that I will check up on her the following day to see how she is doing.
Sitting in my study with a friend I suddenly had some insight into the workings of love and thought I must share this with you all:
How about some hot chocolate and some cookies and I will put on the LP of Billy Holiday I received from a dear friend of mine for ambience. He purchased it for me for the ridiculous price of 50 cents at a garage sale.
I am prone to employ a little test and this is to gauge the understanding of those longing for an idealist and farfetched feeling of love.
 It is usually those poor souls that either escapes the actual confrontation with the reality of it or those that have ulterior reasons for it.
Many believe that a love that does not have derivative benefits is no love. Love merely becomes a consumable product that must continually fulfil the crazy and continued demand of our desire to feel gratified.
Love must play the servant role that must infuse opium feelings of pleasure and the assurance of security. In a world that gives no such guarantees the idea of love remains a heart breaking disappointment.

Questions and scenarios (Fear Factors)
Question 01:
If the existence of God can be confirmed beyond all reasonable doubt and we have further evidence that proves that this is a living God that loves and is kind but cannot guarantee us a everlasting life and paradise will we continue to embrace him?
Question 02:
If  your once attractive and rich fiancé loses the ability of his bodily functions (includes erectile dysfunction)and his ability to continue in his great career due to a devastating medical condition will you still love him the same way before his ill fated situation.
Question 03:
The doctor removed your breast due to cancer and your husband is very supportive and sensitive to your loss, will you allow him to touch you and make love to you or will you deprive him and yourself.

The Lesson:
It seems then when you get close to the pure essence of what love is then it always anchors at the jagged shorelines of the unconditional, sacrifice and transcendence. Love arriving only after it sailed on the rough seas of irony, paradox and predicament and steering away from pleasure, certainty and guarantees that crazes the mind of many. 
Love then never is the handmaiden and servant of humankind. It comes simply; sometimes grim and cold to men and woman.
Beautiful word is not always true and
true words is not always beautiful

Love is an immovable mover and she stands there massively with her full glory and heroic reality. She is rooted in her own transcendence and as a big mirror she shines forth the truth unto us that is also in us. It is a primal truth that is eternal, changeless and beautiful but is either in complete harmony with us when we are silent or in utter contradiction with us when we want to be entertained with our whimsical fancies.      

Practical Application:
Love imposes no duty on us and expects none but it does have something to with our survival. Go out in the world and deliver your compassion and love completely and expect nothing in return. You will find that happiness will creep up to you embracing your spirit unexpectedly and you will endure all hardship in that glorious light called love.
Can we honour in humble silence and gratitude those few that showed complete love without expecting anything in return for it?
The Chinese student that faced the turret of tank cannon and planted a flower in it.
The Medic that covered the impact of a grenade blast during the battle of Iwo Jima to protect his patients.
And all the unsung heroes that loves completely.  

The World Is Not Enough

When death, misery and the ring
of hell surrounds you every day,
when darkness comes as charcoal mist

and smudges every white canvas
of light, happiness and joy
that you call your life, then accept this:

as your feelings stumble forth,
the ravaging and the onslaught
of heartbreak variables will continue,

then love furiously and passionately,
plastering and binding the hurt
with your human spirit.

I expect you to be beautiful,
sparkling and courageous,
not realised;

there is no stopping or glancing back -
the river flows endless.


  1. lovely expectations, wow.
    what a thoughtful one, well done.

  2. Your interpretation of the prompt is thought-provoking - leads to some deep reflection ...

  3. That poem is stunning! I am absolutely amazed by this beautiful and thought-provoking