Monday, 16 May 2011

the legacy of Li Po

White light opens vivid scenery
acres of cherry trees line the bank
of the ancient river yang

the river swells, overflows its brim
flooding between the virgin bark trees,
blossoms float towards the muddy flow

sparkling diamonds of red blushing white
 crown the slivering goddess and the sun
plays kaleidoscope with its glistened laurel     

a tender soft roar of a splashing dragon
takes me to a man that calls himself
 Li Po     

history knows him not
libraries cannot account for him
writing poems at the grassy banks  

he gently drops them into the river
flowing towards the unchartered ocean
of forgetfulness     


  1. Oh, lovely...aren't we all gently dropping our poems into the 'river/ flowing towards the unchartered ocean of forgetfulness'? Really beautiful images here Martin.

  2. this is absolutely gorgeous!! and i'm envious for the ending...

  3. Thank you very much for the comments made on this post...can we ever have that selfless attitude to create and not get attached to it?

  4. Awesome writing. I could almost feel the breeze coming across the water. Very vivid!

  5. super elegant.
    Thanks for sharing.