Saturday, 28 May 2011

Poetry reflections of a Pulp Poet -work in progress

                                       Poetry reflections of a Pulp Poet            

                 “Chip on the shoulder”- the new breed of on line poets
                   and other crazy musings  

                                  BONJOUR KAMASAVA MONSIEUR/MADEMOISELLE!!

This may make you uncomfortable or just outright irritated with me but I needed a detoxification of my wishful thinking regarding the writing of poetry. Or you may take pleasure in it because you like freak S&M games.  I finished this essay with a bottle of Jack Daniels and a pack of Dunhill cigarettes. I needed some escapism and anxiously consumed and smoked all of my vices. I am horribly drunk and I think I am going to die with emphysema but at least I will die with a sense of rotten accomplishment.       

1 I have no materialistic aims for my writing.
2 I have no objective to earn money for my writing.
3 I have absolutely no ambition to become famous due to my writing.
4 Due to my vain nature I do daydream about overnight fame and wealth due to my writing.
5 That vanity I hold up to every writer that pretends he does not think about fame and wealth.
6 I know that any obsessive thought of wealth and fame is a barrier to writing good poetry.
7 Writing good poetry I wonder about its advancement in the world if I started promoting it.
8 I am writing poetry because I feel impelled to write it due to sheer mental pressure to do it.
9 I entertain myself to think that I only write for myself but silently I wonder what others would think    if I should show it to them.
10 I entertain myself to think that it is a selfless act of private expression but I long to share it with others.
11 I share it with others to allegedly receive feedback and constructive criticism but what I really am looking for is gratification of my ego or self esteem needs.
12 I want to hear that people coins me as a poet, a maestro and a deep and sensitive thinker. A genius.
13 I write poetry because I have issues maybe emotional problems, identity crisis or a medium to broadcast my feelings of anger, doubt and self pity.
14 I become infuriated when my work is not favourably reviewed and critics pick holes in my poem.
15 I resent Criticism because I am convinced that it is a full blast personal attack on my morale.
16 It is never about the technique and methodology employed to create a poem but the underlying feeling that prompted it.
17 “Chip on the shoulder “poets have no intention to develop acumen in the art and craft of poetry and therefore detest criticism because all they want is a pad on the shoulder and a nod of approval.
18 “Chip on the shoulder poets” never read other amateur poets work or even the works of the established. It’s not about the poetry!
19 It’s all about scoring brownie points with the group team leader and maintaining the cute factor ratings!
20 “Chip on the shoulder Poets “always threatens to leave the group or lament that they do not have anything further to offer.
21 “Chip on the shoulder Poets “always talks about the ends of poetic activity, I published a poem, I send my manuscript in for a book proposal, I want to conduct  a reading etc but never will they talk about poetry and the process itself. It is always a means to an end.                    
22 “Chip on the shoulder Poets” works harder on their Profile and persona than actually on their poetry.
23” Chip on the shoulder Poets” add all the artsy fart interests on their blog and facebook profile but is in actual fact a complete contradiction to what they really like.
24” Chip on the Shoulder Poets” walks in plain sight with Sylvia Plath’s Ariel copy in busy debonair street cafes to show their erudition but never read one word of the author”
25 “Chip on the shoulder Poets “talks the whole god dam evening and refer to themselves   as artists and Poets”
26 “Chip on the shoulder Poets” purchases expensive moleskins notebooks and write with waterman pencils but never scribbles one decent line in it.
27 “Chip on the shoulder Poets” is usually sexually frustrated nerds, trailer trash intellectuals, skisofrenia visionaries or high class midlife crisis house wives writing verse that we all heard before in magazine weeklies 
28 “Chip on the shoulder poets “is usually very agreeable and yes and amen everything the serious reviewer comments on others work.
29 “Chip on the shoulder poet” use the word NICE to appreciate the work of others.

Some miscellaneous facts and unreasonable considerations: 

1 Many book stores do not purchase contemporary poetry because it does not sell.
2 Many book stores record shrinkage because of shoplifting of Ginsberg /Bukowski copies
3 One out of ten people earnestly reads poetry and purchases books or shoplifts it.
4 The Educational system with sterile teachers is mostly to blame for the disinterest in poetry
5 Poetry will make a great return if Justin Bieber publishes a book of poetry but it will require two kilograms of pot and seven virgin muses to stir his daft imaginative intellect.
6 Poetry will make a return if all soap operas and play station is banned and beat poets are raised from the grave to inspire the kids to stop masturbating and to attend poetry readings in hippy parks.

Some facts about me:

1 I passed all my subjects with distinctions but obtained a C grade for English.
2 My teacher looked like a KGB agent smelling of mothball and cheap roll on.
3 He also struggled with English and the French dialogue of William Shakespeare.
4 We were forced to write still life and portrait poems of farm life and pastors.
5 I received six shots of the rod after reciting Charles Bukowskis “Genuis of the crowd “poem  and my parents was called in due to my lack of civility . The book was confiscated.
6 I write free verse in English because I do not have a cooking clue about English grammar
7 I speak a perfect dialect in Afrikaans and was also chosen as media 24 best junior journalist in Africa.
8 I am trained as a fine artist but was suspended twice for painting reclining nudes with tattoos   smoking .I do not paint anymore because it is too much of an effort and the cost of paint seriously jeopardizes my whisky allowance.
9 I am a complete junky when it comes to beat poetry and Chinese oriental poetry.
10 I am an adherent of Zen Buddhism to my parent’s horror and also trained in advanced combat fighting.
11 Oh yes, I now absolutely love English and is making an effort to increase my knowledge of it.    

Some definitions:


Some principles that governs my writing:

1 You are your own greatest source of inspiration and tap from your own life experiences and thinking when you consider a theme.

2 Get out of your attic and hole and hunt down unique and extraordinary life experiences.
   Crashing parties and breaking hearts from Aspen to Harlem you may like Jack Kerouac write a master piece like “On the road “.  
3 The biography of a Poet is just as important as his Opus. Imagine Allen Ginsberg wrote Howl while  
   he prepared sermons for the old Reformed church of some white picket fence suburb in New York.

4 Be yourself at all times and find your own voice in your work and never apologise or attempt to justify your work to anybody.        

5 There is no politeness in writing poetry and be brutally honest when you treat a theme. In the name of Art and for the sake of “Poetic Justice” stop at nothing to get your truth to a willing audience.

6 Telling the truth is a revolutionary act

 Writing great poetry is revelatory, revolutionary and surprising to the audience reading your work. Great poetry is also shocking, offending and gritty but at the same time sensitive, beautiful and inspirational.

7 Poetry is empirical and rarely rational. Ever saw how Psycho analysts through rational methods fix damaged marriages  ...oops!   

8 Poetry is spiritual and rarely religious. Ever saw Catholic priests going into ecstasy when reading the Psalms.....oops!

9 A Picture tells a thousand words

Use strong metaphor and imagism to show your audience rather than telling them. Making the discovery and experiencing the reality of your piece is the delight of Art contemplation.

10 Do not attempt to show everything or implicitly clarify meaning in the parameters of your piece. If they do not grasp your meaning they most probably find their own     

11 Earn your free verse:

Study diligently the technique and method of poetry. Attempt to write in form and in different styles considering metre, ryme, attliration, enjambment etc before taking up free verse

12 Never allow that formalism and methodology to kills your spontaneity to express in the most creative and innovative way your art. Be a maverick that is erudite in the art and craft of poetry but transcends it to challenge its rules. Read E.E Cummings to see such a master in action!
13 Poetry is the most valuable and free conceptual art you will ever enjoy. It detests business plans, profit margins and commercialism but support local small presses and boutique poetry journals with donations or just purchases a copy, it still cheaper than your Elle and porn magazines.

14 Poetry is a fringe sub culture that is tightly bonded and in community with each other. It is all an uncoordinated goalless objective to share each other’s creative work. When you post your work and it is reviewed or even deconstructed feel gratitude because there was no obligation to read it in the first place. Also read the work of others and share your unqualified opinion with them. It all about sharing! 

15 Read Genius of the crowd by Charles Bukowski and see the danger of sharing your poems in the Market place.


  1. You have voiced so many things we can all relate to. I am very impressed that you write and understand English as well as you do, since it is not your first language. Enjoyed reading this very interesting insight into your "inner poet." Thanks for sharing this Martin.