Thursday, 26 May 2011

retreat of the divine cat


late afternoon retreat at the shimmering sea
entering with a breath of seaweed and algae

rays of the sun carves abstract notions
of dreams and desires against the wall

seeing the cat stretching in contentment
I yawn and forget about tomorrow


Burning sandal wood tantalizing the awakening
smoky eyes staring at the dancing candle light

hearing the snoring cat, feeling the roaring ocean
rhythmically balancing a melody of sweet silence

the nipple rounding moon pulses evocative shadows
against the wall, turning around I vanish away


A smear of red blended violet inks the morning horizon
birds talking and the south Easter brushing my shoulder

the dharma clock rings and the prayer cymbal gongs
rippling prayer mantras vibrating full empty harmonies

the cat walks past and beyond my staring adoration
God rises in his sunflower eyes and my worries wither away

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