Saturday, 14 May 2011

the river flows endless.

The World Is Not Enough
When death, misery and the ring
of hell surrounds you everyday,
when darkness comes as charcoal mist

and smudges every white canvas
of light, happiness and joy
that you call your life, then accept this:

as your feelings stumble forth,
the ravaging and the onslaught
of heartbreak variables will continue,

then love furiously and passionately,
plastering and binding the hurt
with your human spirit.

I expect you to be beautiful,
sparkling and courageous,
not realised;

there is no stopping or glancing back -
the river flows endless.


  1. 'endlessly', perhaps? Fine piece though Martin, like it.

    Nice blog.

  2. (not nice as in Not Interested C**t Extraordinaire.. hehe)