Wednesday, 15 June 2011


Let us talk about the price of truth
Estimated respect and quantified dignity

Market share morality…yea ... good and bad established
by price fluctuations on the day

brent crude oil or sunflower oil…the currency of good ethics
The volatility of too much integrity…shut your fuckin mouth...

The world is shaped by exchange rates…..
Society formed by return on investment…

Patriot General Husbands make war for it but blue collar cunts die for it…
Reformist wives make love for it and fulfill their Christian duties on cheery wood tops
The whole world depends on it and the question is who gives and who takes….

The church tenth…billionaire pastors with rock and roll humble moves promises heaven…with every pound that drops on cable TV pledges
….God blesses you….

The halfway house insiders and Pete’s bar outsiders …white picket stocks and Ferrari bonds …platinum coke and gold chain rock…generating ingenuity of Italian Dons, Havard bankers 50 cents hip hop gangsters….who is the man…

Lottery dreams…the thunder of victory hooves an the bling-bling of casino machines
This is as far as I go….a tag on the crooked dead toe and the joy of life insurance payouts….

The meridian line of truth? Admittance fee to enter heaven or an administration amount
to be processed in hell….

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