Saturday, 25 June 2011

A hijacked smile

This is the closest I ever came to a tar road. I could smell oil, petroleum and burned rubber exuding from the rain washed tar. Small screws, nuts and pieces of glass were glimmering under the street light and it was like a micro cosmic place I never took notice of before. 
A sharp pain cleft in his left shoulder and a burning sensation started on his wrists that were tied down with cable ties. The car was standing a few meters away from him with its hazards on and he longed for his trench coat.
A faint sound came from the other side of the river and it was the sound of a baby crying.”Pajama drill!” I thought   and the baby maybe wants feeding from her mother. Well I am lucky because my one sleeps the whole night through.
I was sure that she gave her first smile yesterday but everybody else said that premature babies do not smile before three months. She looked at me intently and pressed my finger with her little pink hand.
 I sang to her before I left for nightshift and her face wrinkled up and dimples would show on the corners of her mouth. Gosh, if that is not smiling I don’t know
“How does that song goes?” 
If all the rivers was filled with red cool drink
Who then wants water to drink? la la la mmmmm la la la la 

A Doc Martin boot suddenly approaches briskly and its heel land on my head and I feel how a nail drives through my cheek.” Do you think it is funny singing your funeral songs here buddy?” the Doc Martin boot threatens .A CAT boot comes closer and its occupant says” Let’s go!! , Smith called, the Police is on their way here”

A shiny knife falls to the ground and a dragon tattooed hand picks it up” must I cut his throat boss”
“Leave him “a husky voice says “he saw nothing”

The boots runs towards my car and two men become visible in balaclavas as they drive away. A woman comes over the foot bridge by the river with a small baby wrapped in blankets. The sound of sirens is close and I hear her say “I saw what those men wanted to do to you and called the cops”

I said “Thank you, my baby smiled yesterday when I sang to her.”  

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