Wednesday, 29 June 2011

the palestine people : Meditation

Seeing that scruffy bastard dog
shrinking in the corner
seeing how he pressed his
sorry body against the concrete
I felt obliged to help, seeing that
the local suburb boys suffer him
hitting him with a long stick and
closing in on him with each yelping hit
then snap before my intervention
the spirit returned to scruffy
ripped and rippled mood
demon and beady eyed
anger revealed primitive mucus
in a jelly of dental spotty pink
suicide rage that jawed at them
fathers running out and mothers
calling the local authority
exclaiming that the dog is a menacing

1 comment:

  1. Its funny how humans consider themselves to be the victims when what they really do is victimize a poor animal, provoke it and then feel sorry for themselves when it dares take a bite off their flesh.Such hypocrisy and drama.Very well written.Two thumbs up!