Monday, 27 June 2011

Righteous America

Molested dignity flushed down the throat of a red neck Indian
black sparrow eyes remembers the hate of his late father and
his tomahawk stories of ancestor pride when this land was still
ruled and roamed by their nomad blood….now littered with
The suburban face brick teepees of the white man….

A dream catcher plays in the wind and an evil history recalls
itself…One sunny afternoon Colonel Custer had a field day
with the tanned vulture boys and broke their eagle spirits
with Lee Enfield thundering darts….a tribe bled itself to
death…The Old Chiefs legacy indicted himself here in the
Sanctuary…he licked on the shaft of Jack Daniels and suck
The piss out of its bowels….
His wife became the local Pocahontas diner whore and his children
Delinquent Juvies that roamed the main roads to find the
ancient flute that played in their hearts….but the flute did not
Console…they wanted blood even if the flow is of great grand children
of mustached faced Custer or any other look alike….

America Do not tell us about the atrocities of Apartheid we
Know…..and so do you…

angry red burns fluster under black skin but without proof…
Ghetto boom box rap anthems mix with African American spirituals…
The black Negro mind indecisive with martin Luther and Malcolm X
Working the subconscious….should protest be soft persuasion
or should we fuck these white devils with Black Panther Tommy guns…

Abruptly Allah came to collect Malcolm and Jesus Martin…..Marvin Gaye begged
What’s going on…the brothers all killed with an overdose of punctured
CIA lead poisoning… babies without milk…mothers taking a purple beating
from screaming husbands that dreamt of African ancestors… scared shitless in
Coffin ships sailing to the mainland of super size master basterd slave drivers…
Brothers against brothers….drive by point blank fatalities and heroin
Methamphetamine induced visions of the pain of a being black
Motherfuckin swamp nigga in the south……

America Do not tell us about the atrocities of Apartheid we
Know and so do you…


  1. strong stuff man. Real kick ass brutal honesty. One or two grammar and spelling issues but you can sort those out easily. Brave topics to tackle for sure

  2. Yes, we do know. There are ugly, disfiguring, painful wounds on our country's history. And yet most of us try to rise above the ignominy of it all. Well-written and researched, Martin.