Sunday, 26 June 2011

A Taoist reading being and Nothingness


Looking into the sky
I only see
A black hole universe

sucking in stars
asteroids and whole planets
exploding and vanishing the millennia
only to start up again

somehow I feel a certain treason
my life will last one Samsara season
and death will enter my consciousness for no reason

the detail
of my life


The old Taoist seeing the predicament
Takes his fill of wine
And forgets himself
Between the buzzing bees and breathing trees
Death being a mere condition to be free


  1. life will last one Samsara this..not sure how long a samsara season is but hope yours will last longer...smiles

  2. smiles. yes when it comes i will move on from this world...too much to experience in those bees and trees to let it weight me down...

  3. I've read this one before and am far richer from reading it again Martin, I come here often but hardly leave a comment. I'm adding you to my favourites from today :D

  4. I came here not really knowing what to expect.. I leave a wiser woman..
    your poetry is top knotch..i look forward to being an avid reader.