Saturday, 9 July 2011

The Aliens

                                                                       The Aliens
It felt like Christmas in my suburb with local choral groups parading the streets, singing gospel songs and waving candles. The churches were full to the brim and plastic chairs were put on the lawn for the unlucky ones that could not get a seat inside.
 A big screen television was mounted outside and a Pastor delivered a booming speech about the book of revelation and the end of all the sinners. “This is the fullest I ever saw the St Thomas Evangelist church.” I thought.  
Driving was extremely difficult with whole families walking in their pyjamas and crowding the streets. They were armed with family bibles and were probably going to join up with the singing or congregate at the church.”So mother were right about the craziness that was occurring here at home”   
I was pulling up at the garage when father ran from the porch towards me” Come in! The streets went nuts when they made the announcement this evening” As I walked  in I saw the neighbours curtains was closed and no sign of John that usually watered his garden at this time. “Where is the Gillian family dad “I enquired from the old man that was now pushing me into the front door?”
Mother was standing now  in the corner of the entrance and answered me weakly ” Dick ,we heard shots go off  .” Father chipped in “ it was gun shots ....I think they killed themselves” Did any of you contact the Police “ I asked  and they looked at me blankly .Mother was tearing up and said dryly “ Does it matter Dick ,in 48 hours life as we know it....”she  then collapsed unto her knees and was sobbing. 
“Jesus Mom ,they could not confirm it definitely and they are still investigating if this piece of junk in the sky is a hoax....come on let me help you up, we need to pack ,we are leaving the city “ I am not leaving my house for the looting bands to plunder “ Father  said picking up his Lee Enfield and waving it. “ For fuck sake listen to me ! We were fleeing from a looting gang that ravaged a whole city  and the radio said that they were on their way  to the affluent neighbourhood of Goodwood .It is a score of at least 500 heavily armed men coming to rape and plunder ”
“It’s not a good idea Dick leaving like this, the Police Commissioner said that we must stay at our homes” Dad said from the back seat. Mother nervously looked at Dad for support and said “ They also said that if these things  saw us fleeing then the changes was greater for them to attack us” Feeling growing irritation I stopped the car and turned around to face them “ My dear parents I am taking you to the remote  desert where we will be out of the centre of attention. Mother removed some knitting work out her bag and dad sang the chorus part of the final countdown that played on the radio.
We arrived at the desert and we drove to one of the old missionary stations that were left abandoned after they gave up on the pagan Bushmen. These poor believers did not yield one converted Bushmen for the Kingdom  but rather followed these little men into the bush to learn their shamanism to the outrage of the church.    
  “ It seems other clever folks  already beat  us for the best rooms in the old building” I said when I saw activity and vehicles at the camp. Mother dropped her knitting and said staring into the glaring distance “ It seems they are sending out a welcoming committee because cars are coming towards us.”
As the blots increased in definition it was the National defence force vehicles and they were hooting their vehicles and some of the troopers shouted at us.” What is their bloody case and look that one soldier is aiming his canon at us ! “       
Boom! Boom! Boom!
The vehicle explodes when the bullets hit the body of the vehicle.Dick somehow survived when the impact of the projectile violently ripped him out of the car.
Almost completely paralyzed he tries to lift his head to see if his parents survived but is unable to do so and can only hear the screams of his father” I am burning ,oh god help me” A shot goes off and dad fell silent.           
 A soldier stands over him saying “ What the hell are you doing here !” Dick somehow pulls himself up slightly and observes in the distance big mounted missiles. Crying Dick says “ Should you not focus on rather killing the aliens that threatens our planet, you fucking murdering bastards!      
The Soldier smirks and says “ there is no alien’s man...the image in the sky is an illusion of light and image and the media reports are all false. Those missiles are intended to reduce the total of the undesirable human population on earth . Certain ghetto towns, scoundrel countries will be wiped off this earth”  
Unfortunately you now possess privileged information and must be terminated. The sound of a 9 mm echoes and the countdown starts :


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