Thursday, 7 July 2011


Mel the Orphan was the local pool room champion for the last ten years and delivered set piece victories against the toughest adversaries from all over the country.
She was also the modern suburban Socrates that survived from her wit and skill with the chalked stick. Mel offered her complete life teachings she derived from the causative effect of the game while she cleaned the table.

The list of her wittiness was inexhaustible and for a few coins in the slot a rarefied knowledge was yours:

“Keep your fortune close to your pockets” (Bring your balls close to the holes)
 “Start difficult, end easy” (Play the obstructed balls first)
“Life’s curve ball can straighten out to hit the hole”
 “A soft hand also gets the ball in”

Waving the eight ball after giving you a beating she would always say “Remember what I told you, it is all in the finishing game-make it count “

One sunny afternoon coming from school I saw the Pool hall surrounded by Dennis fire brigade trucks and ambulances. A bystander whispered to another curious lady that a fire broke out due to defective electrical wiring in the roof.

Mel died in that fire and sacrificed her life to save two minors and her last heroic words to her students were:

“It’s all in the finishing game-make it count” 

The graveyard is now adorned with a massive eight ball tombstone that is inscribed with her best sayings.

The pool place has ever since become a shrine for pool enthusiasts and philosophers. Mel will remain in our hearts and will stay our town’s peculiar and uncommon sage.

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