Wednesday, 20 July 2011

the rail that divides us

they say that the rail divides us
separating the glossy from the dodgy
barbwire streamers on our side
Babylon gardens on their side

they say that the rail divides us
separating the factories from the boulevards
customer service on their side
able bodied guards on our side

they say the rail divides us
that the train leaves for the golden city
unable to pay, what a pity. feel the iniquity  

a bridge connects us
but the littered path knows no feet  

Note :
can be set to music.
genre : blues or folk music
 predominant instrument : C major harmonica  


  1. Awesome writing. Very interesting and powerful.

  2. wow - this sounds like a railway blues..enjoyed this mr.lochner and great to see you at the pub...sending hugs to south africa

  3. Very powerful. The wording drags you along like a spellbound passenger.

  4. repetition very strong device here and I feel keenly the sad divide. Your sociopolitical commentary is excellent and incisive even though it feels like gentle autumn leaves of poetry. It hurts more that way

    great as ever my brother

  5. really enjoyed this!

  6. nice...the other side of the tracks for sure..nice play on it...this has a great sound to it...and all too real...

  7. Good blues words are impregnated with "the blues" this poem is good blues..

    I have always enjoyed your poetry now I can stay up on your words through dVerse.

    why is life so unfair?

  8. As I said on the board Martin I have nothing but praise for this piece. You somehow manage to caress our poetic senses with a soft velvet glove whilst at the same time smacking us right between the eyes. Last two lines are dynamite.


  9. last bit of allitteration pay, pity grabbed me, though I wished for more. Enjoyed the imagery :)
    Happy potluck!

  10. sharp.
    well stated message.

  11. "the littered path knows no feet " -Great line.

  12. This is an excellent piece about inequality, awesome!

  13. This is amazing. The cadence and flow are, indeed, musical. The message is one I've pondered many times, from many angles , having lived on both sides of the tracks at various times in my life.

  14. I enjoyed reading this while listening to the song and watching the video. A feast for the senses, mind, and heart.


  15. Interesting theme - well expressed. Really hard hitting.