Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Taking interest

a couple with Bermudas and moccasins
describes the beauty with disinterest
painting the ocean and the sky
with references of vogue sunny blue

The waiter in brilliant white served wine
and was etched against the cloudless, glimmering blue
describing in stylish disinterest
the preparation of blue succulent oyster

the couple missing each other’s eyes and smiles
was laughing with a breezy indifference   
as the high tide was rising
and the clouds pulled in from the mountain

The waves thundered, crashing
into blue, mute blocks of rock
the sky turned black as the tossing sea

He said something in the noise
that made her cry
shyly looking around he saw me
taking interest  


  1. fun piece, love the vivid imagery,
    Happy Rally.

  2. Ah, that last stanza really adds a twist to the poem!

  3. Most enjoyable to read :)

  4. I loved the imagery, fantastic

  5. Wonderfully written. Smooth and elegant with a twist.

  6. aww...why did you cut it there? it made me totally hanging..:) part 2 please! anyway thanks for the piece! its a nice one..:)

  7. Liked the structure, the sense and the story. An evocative poem, a wonderful read. Thanks!

  8. I took interest too. Well done--people going through life so disconnected and disinterested.

  9. Reading this was like viewing a brief series of snapshots of a moment or two in time. You have such a talent for story telling, my friend! A wonderful piece!

  10. I love the way you paint an increasingly unsettling landscape and use it to alter the atmosphere and direction of the poem. Beautifully written.

  11. Wonderful and most interesting.