Tuesday, 5 July 2011


Our first day at school you bailed me out
By tying my laces behind the dormitory room
Laughing at my fiery pride and extending your
Fine piano hands saying “friends till death divides”

Walking in pact for the next twelve years
The helping hand with elaborate explanations
Why his friend did not do his assignments and me
The vanguard fist in hostel playgrounds

Things changed there on the sunny ridge before
graduation when Mute tears turned to inflicting
rants of being different

One evening our friendship came to an nasty conclusion
When I found you naked in my bed
Needy hands stretching out for the abnormal embrace

Standing there I removed my belt and ripped curled him
Into a red flaming wailer

Get out rectum ranger!
Leave and consider us done!

One day in the paper I saw a article :
Renowned Hugo Boss model Julian Mosterd
hanged himself behind his hotel door with an
ambiguous note that he misses his friend

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  1. beautiful reminders/memories.

    a job well done
    Happy Potluck!