Monday, 19 September 2011

laundry yard

two sparrows land on an old tar pole
two women enter the laundry yard

“Chirp-Chirp” the sparrows say
“Chit-Chat “ the ladies talk

gossiping, preening, cleaning
i watch

effortlessly they exist

though I struggle to persist

it is morning
the sun shines

their wings, gleaming
their faces, beaming rays
the old tar pole turned into gold

looking with blotted sight
it is a spectacle


  1. love it,

    beautiful imagery, nature is magical.


  2. Very vivid picture painted with words. Nice

  3. chirp chirp...have you read an Indian poet called Kolatkar? Do read one of his works called 'Jejuri' would find him on the net..for some odd reason this poem reminded me of him..& that's high compliment very good ! :)