Monday, 10 October 2011

The Romantic Collection


the river flows

When death, misery and the ring
of hell surrounds you everyday,
when darkness comes as charcoal mist

and smudges every white canvas
of light, happiness and joy
that you call your life, then accept this:

as your feelings stumble forth,
the ravaging and the onslaught
of heartbreak variables will continue,

then love furiously and passionately,
plastering and binding the hurt
with your human spirit.

I expect you to be beautiful,
sparkling and courageous,
not realized;

there is no stopping or glancing back
the river flows endlessly.


After listening to Wagner

There is strength
that forges greatness
in weak willed bodies

A spectacular thrust of glimmering reason

flushing the “cannot” from our screaming spines
surging, flooding godly violence in us
launching forward, the fight of self worth begins

changing the fate of tattered ignorance

earned torrent beauty in sonata eyes
happiness smiles in flaming overture
“ I can and I will “ the new men say

Conviction Notice:

“No man is a ghetto, gutter or wasteland”


When I die

do not confine me
to a box or catacomb wall

burn and scatter
my earth to orchard virile winds

unleash my particle lightness
to the Hex river valley

where laughter and dreaming was easy
as spring trees blossom

Should our child enquire?
take her there

and let the spirit that
dwells between these mountains

play through her hair
and touch her cheeks

whispering through cliffs and ridges
that daddy never left her side


  1. thoughtful pieces.

    when we die, we melt in earth...

    your words make life and death dynamic and remarkable.

  2. These showcase your talent, Martin, as always. I especially like the last one. Let me become a part of the earth again.

  3. when I die is so powerful!!! great one!

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  5. Wow!! Like always,I am bowled by your imagery.. When I die is superb!
    I have also written something similar on death [Swallowing the rising smoke]