Monday, 7 November 2011

adultery collection of poems

sacrifici lillies-the deceit

You made love to him, giving him Mary

his stench still hovering over your perfume

Ripping me from our past, your thighs,

eyes averting like a drooping bouquet

Once you were my earth and your seed

sprouted pink blossoms on my lips

You fool! –sleeping I sang to you, wishing

a harvest of dreams and small feet laughing

but my eternity

you gave to the hyena

saying sorry

You Fool! –sleeping I sang to you, wishing

a harvest of dreams and small feet laughing

lilies slaughtered in the abattoir

daffodils growing in rich sewerage

this is the bloodied gift you offer

the soiled token you want to return

Love plays your token

on a splintered vinyl

it cries through the static –its over!

<b>the booth


I denied you a “turn around” with a telecom nickel in the slot

destroying us through the greasy worn receiver ,

etching feelings that carved through the static speaker

I had a slashing thirty minutes with you and a queuing,

old bitch complaining about the cold and the verbal abuse


An inflammation of feeling stains the road, the fields and the river

“How could you “

“How could you “

Gruesome sad blues turn into a stretching, elastic feeling

of black, every fucking city colour drowning morbidly into its swell

dark, stumbling, loitering for another empty booth


Detonating fear through hoarse ambulances, police and kids

looking through dirty curtains crying

“where are you now “

“Where are you now “


The nickel falls, hits the stainless steel belly flat

it makes a bad sound that says “Clank”

The phone never rings

it’s disconnected, it peeps...peeps

She is with him

taking an interest :

a couple with Bermudas and moccasins

describes the beauty with disinterest

painting the ocean and the sky

with references of vogue sunny blue

The waiter in brilliant white served wine

and was etched against the cloudless, glimmering blue

describing in stylish disinterest

the preparation of blue succulent oyster

the couple missing each other’s eyes and smiles

was laughing with a breezy indifference

as the high tide was rising

and the clouds pulled in from the mountain

The waves thundered, crashing

into blue, mute blocks of rock

the sky turned black as the tossing sea

He said something in the noise

that made her cry

shyly looking around he saw me

taking interest

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  1. Your write stings like a bitch! Gut twisting...
    I want to know what happens next...
    Freya W x