Monday, 14 November 2011

conversations : (ready made and collage)

"To a poet, a sheet of paper is the bare canvas upon which they decorate with their words and thoughts, their dreams and past revelations, their happiness and sorrow. . . their plea to be attended to. And to the reader, the poem is the periscope into the intimate mind of an artist." - 12/27/1999 (12.20am)

John Khuu, 1981-present,

A student of life, dreamer, poet

"And we sit and drink our coffee

Couched in our indifference,

Like shells upon the shore

You can hear the ocean roar. . .

And you read your Emily Dickinson,

And I my Robert Frost,

And we note our place with bookmarkers

That measure what we've lost.

Like a poem poorly written

We are verses out of rhythm,

Couplets out of rhyme,

In syncopated time

And the dangling conversation

And the superficial sighs,

Are the borders of our lives."

--Simon & Garfunkel (The Dangling Converrsation)

What does sexy mean to you?

Martin Lochner: I love clever girls, what an achievement when you wake up next to them and there is still time to discuss the implications of Marxism before you catch the train.

Person A: So, what do you think are the implications of Marxism? LOL

Person B: without a depth of mind, sex falls flat

The brain is the most vital sexual organ

Martin Lochner: I am worried about Chinese ant armies and their Marxist industry destroying western capitalism. Sexy is when a Chinese girls eyes vanishes into thin perfect lines when they laugh and struggles to say' my epistemology is laced with toxic political propaganda'

Person A: Ah so the intertextual nature of your thought patterns is conflicting with a capitalist indoctrination?

Martin Lochner : O Georgia you are on my mind and yes commentaries that affirms the mind as the master suggestive tool for great sex is indeed sexy lol

Person A: I am thinking Sakura!

Martin Lochner: Bohemia is also sexy with that unconvential swing of the hips through polite shopping malls. I take note of that.

Person A: I agree I am prone to a bit of naval gazing myself :))

Martin Lochner :the unconventional prohibition aura of a girl that listens to Janis Joplin, walks with a Sylvia Plath copy and a tattoo that says in Latin' I am so complicated' is sexy.

Person A : listen to Joplin, dislike Plath intensely and aspire to tattoo’s:)

Martin Lochner She seriously needed to relax, booked an one way ticket on a smelly LPG jet and went to the eternal city of woes. not sexy

Person A I can’t get with that kind of angst and think it destructive to the perception of femininity- but then I am a 'cold, hard, bitch'

Martin Lochner I will soften you up with a Spartan song! Women that have balls are on my a-list of sexy

Person A I am looking but I can’t see****

Martin Lochner One day Jackie I will forward you that song that celebrates strong women. It still must be composed.

■Person A It is super fantastic to encounter a man who does not feel he has to diminish women (strong or otherwise) - that is sexy....
■Martin Lochner My wife flex her muscles with me...I did not marry a slave,I married my equal

Person A Maybe you should ask her what she thinks is sexy ;) - it’s not facebook....

Martin Lochner Ha -ha she thinks I am sexy of course...I think so? I will be back soon (martin runs and is looking for his wife)

Martin Lochner Night night -i must complete my short story

Person A Gosh, I am strong- Jackie flexes her brain.....

Person C what does it 'mean' to me...hmmm...why I am thinking about fruit right now... Did someone reprogram my brain last night in the wee hours of the morning..!?!?

■ Person A What kind of fruit Belinda? This could be very significant if we are to approach it from a psychoanalytical perspective ;)

Person D Hard work and high maintenance! And more trouble than it's worth: do

I'd choose uncomplicated company over sexy all day long lol

Though now I come to think about it, uncomplicated company *is* pretty damned sexy...

■Person A
Interesting Steve, want a loan of that ratchet??

Martin Lochner Yeah, but they do not shave their armpits and I love a woman that is dressed like a peacock

Person A Servants of Hera.... I am now belly laughing ;)

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