Monday, 26 December 2011

Perfect day

The world remembered again
recalling to play and to be cheery

CNN is playing obituary scenes of conviction and mother calls to shut it down.

Windows shines promising in faerie lights and dad popped Rudolph the deer on the roof

with dead eyes he glows plastic visions of the solitary box in the attic

the radio booms and another bomb exploded in the Gaza

a special interview is also conducted with a marine that found his god in the rubble.

Grandmother turns the radio softer and somebody knocks on the door

salvation delayed before the fatty meal and bottomless glasses.

Brother whispers the beggars away
'Come back tomorrow ,there is sure to be left overs

It is a perfect Christmas day as I drink my tea and open exhausted gifts of Chinese manufacturing.

I cry and everybody say 'aww and bless gawd for this splendid day'

Merry Christmas

they will forget by tomorrow and everything will return to normal. See More

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  1. good spin on the facts as many care not to see...


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