Sunday, 19 February 2012

in a decent world: slang

My sister the prostitute,

yes that one that pisses behind the stand,

My brother the junkie,

yes that one shooting up behind the platform

My elder, the drunkard,

yes that one fading out like the last gambling horse on the losing straight,

My Mother,My father,

yes those two leaving me for madness,negligence and hurt,

Yes all of you and the host of murderers,rapists,robbers and the other wild, unbalanced scum of this earth....

you taught me and I thank you

Subduing my unwilling eyes,
crushing my fleeing heart,
shattering my soul

All of you taught me what no

righteous person could teach me...

To fight,
rise,bloom against the gloom, doom,
to love against the bitter odds.

Yeah, they say it is a decent world,
civilized and advanced but if you asked me
I would tell it in your face :
The humanities are a dumb ass tale for the sufferers,

So.... it is me standing here now
Scared,scarred but enlightened
I stretch out my arms to give affection
And none expected,
none offered in return

Amen,shalom,namaste,Hare Krishna,ohm shanti and fuck you.

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